Case study

To provide an example of project management with a Fractional CTO, we present the collaboration between Company X and a Fractional CTO.

The objective

The objective of this collaboration was the development of a project expected to last about six months, utilizing a team of two to ten developers and a project manager.

Initial phase

The initial phase lasted about one month, during which the CTO was present full-time. The CTO conducted an in-depth analysis of the specifications, defined the technical, architectural and technological choices, and created guidelines for organizing the development phase and coordinating the team.


The actual development phase began after the initial phase and lasted for two months. During this phase, the CTO dedicated 70% of their time to dealing with technical details, monitoring the quality of the code, resolving any issues that arose, or reviewing technical choices. In the remaining four months of development, the CTO's commitment was reduced to 50%, focusing on monitoring and technical details of the tasks performed.


After the development phase, a few weeks were devoted to the launch phase, during which the CTO was involved 30% of their time in creating the final technical documentation, analyzing the quality and safety of the product, and verifying compliance with the standards of the production environment.

Post launch

The final post-launch phase lasted for approximately two months after production start-up and required only a few hours per week to monitor and make any evolutionary or corrective changes to the product.

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