Advantages of a Fractional CTO

''Recent years have seen a shift in thinking about the value a part-time CTO can provide''

Fractional CTOs have long been associated with start-ups. However, recent years have seen a shift in thinking about the value a part-time CTO can provide because early and mid-stage companies often do not need a full-time CTO at all times. Here are the advantages of this approach.

Skill set

The same level of experience and skills as a full-time CTO is offered, without the high salaries, bonuses and overheads that come with it.

Problem solving

This is an independent consultant who can act as a key point of contact in case of difficulties with an existing development team.

Tech direction

An external CTO is not bound to his company's point of view, but has the freedom to take an external perspective on your company's technology strategy.


External expertise brings new ideas and an unbiased view of best practices and suppliers. Consequently, this helps the development team to become more productive and effective.

Product launch

SMEs planning a new product launch can turn to a fractional CTO to ensure timely deployment and effective resolution of ongoing issues.

Tech realignment

For companies that have never had a CTO and/or technology strategy, this is an opportunity to realign their product perspective and remain relevant in a changing technology environment.


Business owners have the flexibility to increase or decrease the amount of time a fractional CTO spends with the company and access expertise when needed, either on-site or remotely.

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