''The CTO supervises and manages the development team''

After finalizing the project plan, organizing the development team, and identifying short and long-term objectives, the project moves into the development phase where the team begins working on the project according to the agreed-upon plan.

During this phase, the CTO manages and supervises the development team, applying agile methodologies to structure the work effectively, whether in-house or offshore.

This methodology will also help to estimate each task and prioritise those who need to be prioritised until the project release.

As part of their role, the CTO ensures the quality of the code by providing support when needed and deciding when and how to refactor it. They are also responsible for selecting the most effective and scalable strategies while keeping costs at a minimum.


Overseeing the development process, reviewing and approving technical designs and plans to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.


Managing the project budget and resources, and making adjustments as needed while providing technical guidance and support too.


Ensuring project adherence to relevant standards, regulations, and best practices.

Tech Issues

Identifying and addressing technical issues or roadblocks during development.


Collaborating with other leaders to align project with organizational goals and objectives.


Communicating progress and updates to stakeholders and upper management.

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