''The CTO supervises and manages the development team''

Once agreement has been reached on the planning, organisation of the development team and short and long-term objectives have been identified, the actual development phase begins.

During this phase the CTO supervises and manages the both in-house or offshore development team and takes care of the structuring of the work by applying the agile methodology.

This methodology will also help to estimate each task and prioritise those who need to be prioritised until the project release.

A CTO controls the quality of the code offering support when needed and deciding when and how to refactor it. He or she is also in charge of choosing the best scalable strategy and minimising costs.


Overseeing the development process to ensure that it is efficient and effective and reviewing and approving technical designs and plans.


Managing the project budget and resources, and making adjustments as needed while providing technical guidance and support too.


Ensuring that the project adheres to any relevant standards, regulations, and best practices.

Tech Issues

Identifying and addressing any technical issues or roadblocks that may arise during the development process.


Collaborating with other members of the leadership team to align the project with the organization's overall goals and objectives.


Communicating progress and updates to stakeholders and upper management.

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