Is Fractional CTO the right solution for my project?

''The presence of a CTO in the founding team is essential''

In tech start-ups, a CTO in the founding team is essential to establish technological competence and gain investor trust. In mature or fast-growing companies, a CTO is needed to provide structure and direction to the technology team and meet technology and business objectives.

In these cases the technology team is already in place but lacks the ability to give structure and direction to the department while meeting technology and business objectives.

A Fractional CTO can be useful in the following cases:

Realizing a Product

The Fractional CTO takes full responsibility for planning, supervising, and launching the technology product while delegating technical details to the team.


The average rates of fractional CTOs are lower than hiring a full-time CTO, providing technical knowledge at a lower cost..

Technical knowledge

You need to delegate the technical details to someone to fully focus on your product.

Visionary Planning

A fractional CTO can help ensure that the product plan aligns with the long-term goals of the company and provides direction for the technology team.

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