Project release

''This phase requires the evaluation of the quality and security of the final product''

In the release phase, the CTO evaluates the quality and security of the final product and drafts technical documentation. They also plan the short and long-term maintenance strategy, including product quality assurance and testing.

Additionally, the CTO plans for product scalability and optimization over time.

The short and long-term maintenance strategy is also planned during this phase, and includes both product quality assurance and further testing.

Another very important aspect in this phase is the strategic planning of product scalability and its optimisation over time.


Overseeing the testing and quality assurance process to ensure product readiness for release.


Coordinating the product deployment, including training, documentation, and stakeholder communication.


Maintaining the product after release, monitoring performance, and making updates as necessary.


Managing project budget and resources, and making necessary adjustments.


Collaborating with the leadership team to assess the project's success and identify areas for improvement.


Ensuring that the project aligns with the organization's overall technology strategy and objectives.

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