What is a Fractional CTO

''A Fractional CTO is a CTO who is not employed full time, but is only hired for the specific duration of a project''

A Fractional CTO also called Virtual CTO is a CTO who is not employed full time, but is only hired for a period of time or for the specific duration of a project.

His main responsibility is to lead the company's technology vision and to guide the development department in its implementation. He therefore plays a key role in defining the company's vision for the future.

Besides technical and personnel responsibility, two aspects in particular are of great importance for a CTO in his daily work. On the one hand, he acts as an interface between the management and the technical development department of a company.

Secondly, he is responsible for the strategic orientation of the company together with the CEO.
In order to do so, management must have a thorough knowledge of the market and know exactly what resources are available in the company.


Assessing new and growing technologies and using the right technology for every project.

Business area

Assessing the impact of these future technologies on the respective business area.


Managing relationships with leading technology vendors. Keeping up to date with the tech world.


Organize product architecture and development as quickly and comprehensively as possible.

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